Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I recently acquired this lovely cantilever sewing box.

When I opened it, it was full of sewing supplies. My grandma used to work in textiles, and when I was a little girl, she used to make some of my clothes. 

There were a lot of cotton reels. I shan't have to buy any black, grey or navy thread for a while.

The tobacco tins were probably empties belonging to my grandad. He died nearly thirteen years ago. Now they are full of buttons. My grandma never throws a spare button away! 

I also brought home a lovely picture of my grandad in his workplace to cherish. 

In the sewing box, I also found the old-fashioned steel hooks for crochet pictured above. I must search the internet, as I'm pretty sure the sizes are not given in mm.

I have these because my grandma's house has to be emptied. She is moving into residential care. At 95, she's not done too badly. I am holding on to the memories I have of crafting with her as a little girl. They were such happy days! 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Knitting in the Summer

Trying to knit on my socks...

But, having limited time to knit owing to workload and family commitments. Hmmm.

At least I got a cup of tea!

Friday, 3 July 2015


I had fun with my innocent minihats last month. I already posted about the ice-cream themed ones, but as well as those, I made another which was an experiment: I miniaturised a colourwork hat I made previously.

Here's the original hat (photo was taken on my phone):

The hat was a pattern from the Lucinda Guy book Northern Knits. I am very fond of her patterns, and it's where the Marta bag that is currently on my needles comes from. If I was making that hat again though, I'd go up a needle size. It is a little snug, so I'm planning to offer it to my niece, but I digress...

Here's the mini version as an innocent minihat, just for fun.

I used the same yarn. The full size hat is in the pic for scale.

If you're a new reader and you don't know about the minihats, there is information here.

Stashdown#6 June 2015

My yarn stash is going down again. Although I'm not back in negative numbers yet, I made fair progress in June. And I did not buy any yarn.

I finished six projects during June: three innocent minihats, a pair of socks, a tea cosy, and a pair of mittens. Yarn out looks like this:

53 yards assorted dk on minihats
97 yards 4ply on tea cosy
232 yards 4ply on mittens
285 yards Artesano sock yarn on socks
Total out 671 yards

Year to date:
CF from last month +818
+0 in
-671 out
Net YTD +147.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Fancy a cuppa?

I have made the pattern affectionately known as the Sheepot!

Oooh, I love a tea cosy. I usually make them with the intention of giving them away, but when I've finished them, I like them so much, I want to keep them.

This one is a spectacular learning opportunity. The sheep are knitted in the round in stranded colourwork and the spout and handle opening are then steeked (cut open!).

I was a little anxious about taking scissors to my knitting, but following Kate Davies's excellent instructions for crochet reinforcements means I will have no qualms at all about doing this in future. It's easy, in fact!

The pattern also had corrugated rib, provisional cast on, vikkel braid and icord bind off. Advanced techniques in a tea cosy. It's a lovely knit, and so if you feel like making it, you can find the pattern on Ravelry. You have to pay for it, but I assure you, it's worth it!

I used about 97 yards of 4-ply, in case you're wondering about the yarn requirements.

More tea, vicar?

Friday, 26 June 2015

Summertime knitting

Ever feel like your completed projects are really complementary to the season?

That plate I used for background to these little knitted toys belonged to my granny. Bridlington was a favourite place of hers. I'd love to take the little bunnies on holiday there myself. 

This picture was spotted on Rav by the editor of the magazine from which I used the pattern, and was featured in their magazine. So if it looks familiar, perhaps you saw it in Knit Now?

I'm also back on the minihats! Here's two I made in early June:

The ice cream minihat is a free pattern, although I have to say, sewing that icord in place (for the whippy ice cream effect) is quite fiddly.

Gratuitous photo of ice cream being eaten at the seaside! This was at Boscastle in Cornwall in April.

Wish I was back there! I'm having to work extremely hard at present, hence the lack of regular blogging service.

Stashdown #5: May 2015

Like Alice's rabbit, I'm late! Here's a quick summary for May stashdown.

During May, I knitted a hat for dh, using up most of my first skein of holiday yarn I bought in Cornwall, and made a couple of little toys out of Rico cotton in my stash.

I also bought two balls of KP Palette, again for my OWL plans for Spring term.

Yarn in

Yarn out:
176 yards on hat
53 yards on toys
Total out 229

Year to date:
CF from last month +585
+462 in
-229 out
Net YTD +818.

I need to get that down by 1500 yards approx to meet my year target, and I'm nearly half way through the year. Must knit more...