Thursday, 30 April 2009

A dinner of herbs

I did not make much sewing progress last weekend.

On Friday afternoon, I had an appointment with a bike doctor. On Saturday, we were in Leeds visiting family, and on Sunday, when I finally had time to sew, I first had to work through a series of dull-but-essential sewing tasks (mending a tear, fixing a hem and sewing name-tapes in new school clothes).

After that, I started cutting out pieces for my next project.

But this went wrong, firstly because I discovered, on ironing a piece of striped fabric I had pre-washed (diligent sewist this time!), that it was slightly seersucker. Only a little but enough to have that distinctive puckering after washing. I'm not sure if it will work in this project, because this fabric needs to be the reverse of a piece, for which the other side is plain printed cotton. Then, I flipped another piece of fabric over to make it easier to cut out, and forgot I was working the other way up, and didn't leave enough full width to cut all the pieces needed. So I've had to go back to the shop for more.

I also searched for alternative striped material but couldn't find any in colours that would work with my other fabrics. I'm contemplating sewing with the woven stripe and hoping for the best! If anyone has an opinion on the Seersucker conundrum, please do comment and let me know what you think.

However, together me and dh made collaborative progress on the gardening front.

Last year, we grew runner beans, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach in the borders of our suburban garden, and also successfully established a bed full of herbs. And this year, dh has installed a raised bed for vegetables. It was planted up last weekend:

But I should add we bought these young plants from a garden centre. Not having a greenhouse, or much gardening experience, we didn't try to grow them from seed.

We have tried some seed potatoes though. They are planted in deep pots in another part of the garden.

Also added a few bits to the herb garden I started last year. It's quite established now, but we added the terracotta planter you can see at the back:

I'm longing to cook with the things out of our garden. In fact, we have herbs ready to use from now on (except the chives. They are still establishing - slightly to the left of the above picture!).

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