Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Return of the sewing machine

My sewing machine was in the repair shop for the last week. It's an early-80s vintage, mechanical Jones machine. Last week, in the middle of the dinosaur appliques (see below), it suddenly seized up and would not sew at all. I tried oil, tension adjustments, and cleaning lint out of feed dog and shuttle race, before giving in and phoning the sewing-machine shop. After all, it was 13 years since its last service [blush], although the last ten of those had been spent in a box in the loft.

I was bereft without the machine, especially since I had a planned week off work. I had to fall back on counted cross-stitch. [As an aside here: I do also have an unfinished knitting WIP, but who wants to finish an aran-weight cardigan in April?]

I picked up the repaired machine yesterday and this afternoon I tested it by finishing the dinosaur blanket.

The blanket was adapted from this pattern by Janet Clare in Sew Hip magazine issue 2:

It's the first time I ever tackled machine applique, or binding edges. My version only has binding on two sides, as I rather liked the vintage satin trims at top and bottom of my thrifted blanket. I also skipped the embroidery - I was using a smaller blanket than specified so I didn't have enough room between the dinosaurs. My son assures me he doesn't like writing anyway! I added the extra dinos at the blanket sides to compensate a little.

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  1. It looks really good. Thats about the time scale between servicing on my machine! When it comes backs its like having a new machine again isn't it.