Monday, 20 April 2009

Rosy Posy

There were two birthdays in our family lately. One was fourteen, one was twenty-six. And recently, both relevant family members were at home, so I made them this very girly cake:

I'm not great at icing but do my best! I had imagined a mix of pink and red roses, but didn't like the look of the red ones on the cake after all, so I went over them again in pink.

I like roses altogether, both real and in all sorts of creations. Look at this I bought off Plumfish on Etsy:

These roses are crocheted in recycled sari silk, on a band of soy yarn. Very, very nice.

The pink-ness spilled over into some weekend knitting:

I used some yarn remnants to make squares for the Codepink radical act of knitting. Tomorrow I will send off ten squares. Too bad I can't jet off to the States and participate on the day, but aside from the financial implications, dh has football plans that weekend so I'll be in sole charge.

Oh, and I finished the Hexagons runner. I decided to go for the unquilted version and just top stitched round the edges. It looks great - very suitable for Spring :-)

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  1. you've been busy. Have you seen Janet Clare's blog?