Friday, 15 May 2009

The Deep Freeze

On Ravelry, you can mark your incomplete projects as "hibernating". I always find this funny.

Let me show you some of my hibernating projects, some of which are practically deep frozen by now!

I started this embroidered tablecloth back in 1990. When I bought it, the shop assistant asked me if it was for a christmas present and I remarked I would probably not have finished it by then. What a joke, because 19 years later, it's still unfinished.

Maybe one day.

Then there is this Counted Cross Stitch Kit, which has been on the go for about 5 years:

Finally there is this, the apple strudel cardigan from Yarn Forward issue 7:

I cast on and knitted 70% of it in February, before encountering pattern errors in the sleeves. Despondency set in, and it's still not finished.

But this one has a better chance of being finished than the others, because:

  1. An aran weight cardigan is more of a winter thing
  2. I have listed it in my Ravelry notebook, which is itself an incentive to finish it
  3. It would be useful and practical next winter (which is more than you can say for an embroidered tablecloth too small to fit our current table, or for a piece of counted cross stitch which has no obvious function).
  4. I have previous form in finishing long-term knitting WIPs. E.g last year I completed a slipover for ds I'd first started when he was three. Admittedly I had to frog it and rework it in a bigger size, but I did end up with the planned FO.

Anyway, having three unfinished projects (not counting the ones I consider "current"!) is not going to stop me starting another one. I just bought some more yarn off etsy... :-)

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