Monday, 4 May 2009

Frilled apron

This weekend I sewed a frilly and flowery full-size apron. I've been wanting a feminine apron for a while and on this pattern, the frills remind me of flamenco dresses. My son says it's an apron for a lady!!

I was working from the Flirty Florence pattern by Audrey and Maude, published in Sew Hip magazine issue 2. My fabric came from John Lewis.

I was confused when I first looked at the template. But it turned out I was stupidly looking at it the wrong way round! The designer herself tactfully pointed this out to me, when I asked her for clarification. She also gave me some other advice, which was a big help, so thank you, Louise!

I previously reported my inability to cut out efficiently: I cut out the main apron piece and then flipped the fabric round to access the other side, and cut out the ties, forgetting it was the other way up and I needed a piece the whole width of the fabric for one of the frills. I had to go back to the shop for more fabric.

What I learned from this, which I will now give as advice to all other improver sewists, is to mark all the pieces before starting to cut any of them.

All the steps in the instructions were well explained. There were a couple of errors in the magazine, in conversions to imperial measurements. 86cms for the length of the lining piece is 34 ins, not 44 as stated in the magazine; seam allowances stated as 1 cm and 1.5cms have both have been translated to 1/2 ins which cannot be right for both. But all the measurements worked correctly in metric, which is what I prefer to work in. I mention it just in case anyone else is reading this, who is planning on making this apron.

If I ever get tired of feeling like I'm at a Spanish Fiesta, I can turn the apron round and have a plain reverse with no frills. The fabric on that is the pink with dots and yellow roses as on the bottom frill. And the neckstrap and ties are both pink with dots and roses on one side, and striped like the top frill on the other.

I'll have to do some more cooking now to test the functionality of the apron. Actually, I think this apron lends itself particularly to chocolate recipes, I don't know why.


  1. great apron and thanks for the pattern information. I have a tendency to use inches except for seam allowance as my machine is metric. I am beginning to think my hexagon quilt idea was mad, maybe a dolls quilt would be more my size!

  2. My sewing machine is so old, the seam guides are in inches. However, I "think" and visualise in cms, and find it not too hard to convert for seam allowances when it comes to stitching. One day I shall retire my ancient Jones, and get something that can do machine embroidery!

  3. Lovely apron! Love the watermelon colour scheme, too.