Saturday, 25 July 2009

I cannot crochet

I often wish I knew how to crochet.

Because then I could attach these lovely edgings to finished sewn objects.

Also I could tackle this, which I want to knit everytime I look at it:

It has a picot crocheted edging which I don't know how to do. The instructions say blithely, "crochet a picot edge, making buttonholes as you go".... er, how??

I do own two crochet hooks in different sizes, which I use for picking up dropped stitches, and, lately, for provisional cast-on.

Apparently provisional cast-on is a simple crocheted chain, so I suppose that is a beginning in crochet. Perhaps one day I'll get hold a some instructions for beginners, and have a proper go.

Meantime, repeat after me, "I must not start anything else before FINISHING something off existing list".


  1. It's easy to crochet! Picot edging takes a bit of practice but it's also quite easy. To make a picot you chain three then make a single crochet (US term) in the first chain you just made. Good luck!

  2. What about the buttonholes? how do you make those?

  3. I'm not sure where you are, but the Make Lounge here in London have a crochet evening. I'd love to learn to crochet, but need to be shown how and then practice.

  4. Hi The fabric is called Joel Dewberry Almond Sparrow fabric and if you are registered on etsy you can get it here:[]=tags&includes[]=title

    Hope this helps.Emma xx

  5. If you're ever in London, let me know I'll show you... but button holes are generally just unattached chains (er, does that make sense?) or try the Yarn Forward/Sew Hip crochet magazine. I can crochet but it hurts my wrist to do too much now so I mostly don't.