Saturday, 9 May 2009

Kirstie's Homemade Home

After reading about this UK TV series in this month's Sew Hip magazine, I've watched the first four episodes - the first three on Channel 4 OD and then Thursday night's episode on the telly.

How funny to see Kirstie Allsop declare she is on a budget! After watching her spend £250 on a vintage quilt (very nice though) and seeing her parents' and other family friends' homes, I can see budget means something quite different to her than it does to me. Although, I quite like Kirstie. She is posh and she knows it, but she doesn't try to hide it, and so comes across as quite unpretentious.

I found the finished rooms to have far too much clutter for my tastes. And sighed to think of the poor cleaner with all those knick-knacks to dust - especially in the bathrooms.

I was eager to see Kirstie promote crafting, but thought she could not reasonably claim to have made things herself. Crafting is about sustained effort, not knitting a couple of rows, sewing half a cushion or a couple of patchwork squares, and then getting someone else to finish an item off for you.

Still, I can see "real" crafting might not make good TV. Imagine this: here is episode 44, in which Kirstie reaches square 54 out of 78 for her knitted throw and sews together another 2 columns of hexagons for her 27-column table runner.

Nevertheless, anything which brings crafting into the public eye, and perhaps helps non-crafters appreciate its value, is a Good Thing IMO.


  1. I am loving the program, fun to renovate on an Aga budget! She did well on spinning, even with lessons from my saintly mother I still can not spin!

  2. I agree, the second hand stuff costs a fortune. That's no budget DIY show! However, showing the time and skill involved to make anything by hand, will purhaps make people consider the worth of those items.

    I like watching the bits of the craftsmen and women, but Kirstie's taste is not mine. Far too much stuff everywhere.

    It's good she's showing all these people and their skills, which apparently we can all pick up at night class (glass blowing/ ironmongery!)

    Would you offer yourself up for her next series?

  3. I think Kirstie might think my house a bit shabby - and my second-hand treasures not really photogenic enough for TV. Most really were bought to save money, or were other family members' furniture cast-offs. I do have some rather nice vintage linens I inherited from my grandma, some of which are embroidered by hand. And a hand-made table runner I really did sew myself!