Sunday, 31 May 2009


I have a ridiculous amount of vintage white linens in my linen cupboard, mainly due to having inherited a large collection from my grandma a few years ago.

Earlier this year I used some of them to make cushion covers. I cut them up and made patchwork out of the best bits. Dh suggested I should submit the design to Sew Hip magazine as consistent with their re-use, recycle ethos.

I'm very glad I took his advice, as I am now a published designer, in Sew Hip magazine issue 8. Which I consider not at all bad for someone with hardly any formal textiles education!

I'm also mentioned on p3, right next to the illustrious Heather Bailey (gasp!).

I made those patchwork cushions from white linens for a white-on-white look, but I think they would look pretty good in some bright coloured prints too.

I can feel more stitching coming on, but first I have to knit a few more rows on my stole, which is coming along nicely now I've got the hang of the laceweight yarn, and secured the provisional cast-on #2 with a safety pin. Sigh. I had to do a lot of re-knitting.

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  1. how brilliant, congratulations!!!