Sunday, 7 June 2009


I've been finding it rather difficult to write in my blog lately, and I'm sorry about that, because when I started it, my aim was to post at least once a week.

Since my last blog entry, multiple distractions from crafting included sickness (mine), orthodontic treatments (my daughter's), plus the demands of earning a living.

Anyway, finally I got around to sewing this weekend - but I can't show what I did - it's a secret! "Secret" is not a term used much in our house, and I've taught our children to use "surprise" as an alternative term - because secrecy has faintly nasty connotations, whereas surprise is about fun! But in this case, there is nothing sinister behind it, I'm just working on more potential designs for submission.

When I've finished with that, I have sewing plans involving this tablecloth, which I bought off ebay a few weeks ago:

I'm hoping the weather improves, or I will lack motivation for that project.

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