Saturday, 13 June 2009

Grow your own

It's very exciting to watch a bean pop and sprout when you are six years old. These are due to be planted out this weekend.

Our vegetable patch is also coming along nicely. Dh lifted the first potatoes yesterday and we ate them, and one of the lettuces, out in the garden yesterday evening. We've already managed more meals outside this year than we did in the whole of last so-called summer!

The runner beans still have a way to go, though. We've planted them in a wigwam type arrangement, but they haven't climbed all the way up yet, even though some already have a few flowers.

Teenagers have limited interest in gardening, I've found, but dd has a strawberry plant in a pink pot. She'll have to net these soon, before they turn red, as last year we had some trouble with thieving squirrels.

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  1. I love your vegetables! I've got strawberries growing and thought the slugs were nibbling them last year, had no idea the pesky squirrels ate them too!