Friday, 26 June 2009

Technical difficulties

I've had rather a trying week.

My daughter's 3 month-old digi camera came back from being repaired at the manufacturer's, but dd is now stamping about because they did not also replace the viewing screen, which had a tiny scratch. As I pointed out to her, it's just cosmetic, but she is Not Happy, and her temper is worse than usual because she just had her orthodontic braces fitted (finally. We have been waiting for this for over a year).

The DVD-drive broke on our family PC. My son was sad because his games did not work. After trying everything advised by Tech Support and my PC-expert brother (yes, including use of a cleaning disk), in the end I had to take out the drive and send it back to the computer company for a replacement.

Our boiler is also playing up. If it keeps cutting out, an engineer may have to be called to take a look at the thermocouple. Obviously heating is not such an issue in mid-summer, but we do need hot water.

I was glad to turn to the soothing knitting after all that. Thank goodness for crafts, especially knitting, where absolutely nothing has to be plugged in or switched on - no electronic circuits at all!


  1. wow, what a week! Am most impressed at you taking out the hard drive. My daughter had a few grumbles when her braces were fitted, also it helps that they get to choose the rubber band colours every 6 weeks for a new look!

  2. My daughter has no colour choices. But that is because hers are fastbraces, which use little doors on the brackets to trap the wires instead of the ligatures. They are supposed to work faster as there is less friction, the orthodontist estimated 20 months. How old is your daughter? Mine was 14 at the beginning of April.