Friday, 3 July 2009

Boiler saga

I wrote recently about our boiler, that was turning itself off randomly, so I would discover there was no hot water at ds's bathtime, or more likely was notified by dd's loud shrieks to the same effect. (A cold shower and a teenaged girl are not a good mix.)

The engineer came today, cleaned the burners and fitted a new thermocouple. I hoped this would do the trick. But no. We have to replace the gas valve, at a cost (estimated) of £200. And the bloody thing will not re-light at all now, so when the hot water that's left in the tank is gone, there will be no more until the boiler is fixed.

The sad thing about unexpected domestic expenses is their negative impact on fabric purchases. I was planning to import some Heather Ross yardage, but now I'll have to wait till next month.

Still, could be worse. Tim the boiler engineer has promised to come back tomorrow at 8 am with a new gas valve. I'm quite charmed to find a local tradesperson prepared to work on a Saturday.

Fingers crossed for hot water tomorrow, then.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel having had a boiler more than once break down, although it the engineer scratching his head and sucking his teeth that is possibly more annoying! Hope its all fixed tomorrow..