Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Claire's Virtual Quilting Bee

Craftyclaire is organising a virtual quilting bee.

I haven't done much quilting to date, but this seems to be a good way in.

A quilt is a big project, but a quilting bee breaks the task down. Rather than slog away making twelve blocks in similar fabrics, each participant makes twelve different blocks, one per month, each with a different colour set and/or theme.

Every month one person supplies fabrics to the others. Everyone makes a block. These are sent back to the person whose turn it was, who can then put them together with backing and binding fabrics as necessary to make a full-size quilt. After 12 months, all the participants have a quilt each.

It's also a way of making more friends in the online world :-)

You can read more details about how it works at Claire's blog here.

Most of the quilting bees online I've seen have been in the States, but this one is based in the UK/Europe, so the postage costs will not be too bad.

Anyone reading this who is interested should sign up by leaving a comment at Claire's blog. There are five of us so far, so we do need more participants.

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