Monday, 13 July 2009

Garden produce

This is the harvest from just one of our potato plants. They weighed over 2 kg. For the record, they taste pretty good too.

It's a pity we do not have a local show to submit our wonderful potatoes to, like the one in a nearby village that we attended last weekend. This was in the old-fashioned country fair tradition, with a marquee full of Victoria sponge cakes, garden produce and hand-made crafts. After we had looked at the exhibits, dh declared he should have submitted some potatoes. And I opined that next year, I would have to submit entries to the knitting and needlework classes, as none of the prize-winners was as good as some of my FOs.

But perhaps I have too rosy a view of my own craft output.

There were also children's classes. Ds was interested in the six to eight year-olds classes. Many were outer-space themed, and this is a particular interest of his - as you'll find out when I next post about my sewing output [mysterious look]. As well as the classes for models and paintings, and biscuits shaped like stars and moons, there were also traditional categories like miniature gardens on plates.

I smiled to see that for the teenage cookery class there were no entries. I doubt our dd would make the effort either (she wasn't with us on this occasion, having spurned a village show as "boring").

I'll have to find out whether outsiders are permitted to participate, next year.

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  1. The potatoes look fantastic! We keep meaning to grow some but never get round to it. I must try again soon!