Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ice-cream Sundae

I didn't do any sewing yesterday. Instead, I made ice-cream.

I have a Philips Delizia ice-cream maker. This is a pretty basic model - a bowl for churning in, that needs to be pre-frozen, with a motorised dasher that slots onto the lid. I would quite like a better machine, with a larger capacity. The Delizia only does 750ml at a time.

However, since I don't make ice-cream very often, I can't really justify the purchase. For me at least, ice-cream making is definitely in a mathematical relationship with daytime temperature and no. of hours of sunshine. During last year's so-called British summer, the machine never even came out of the cupboard.

Spurred on by a whole week of sun, I swung into action on Saturday morning. I made the custard base and left it chilling in the fridge while we went to the school fair.

Came back, whizzed raspberries and blackberries with lemon juice and sugar in the blender:

Stirred the fruit mixture into the the cooled custard, switched on the machine and poured the mixture in:

About forty minutes later, we had berry delicious ice-cream to eat.


  1. I have the very same icecream maker as you, and it is a lovely ting to make your own freshly made icecream! I have to say, I haven't used mine in a little while, but you've inspired me!

  2. the icecream looks yummy! Just right on a very hot day (or any come to that!)

  3. That looks delicious! I have been thinking of trying to get an ice cream maker, and yours has definitely inspired me to do so!