Monday, 10 August 2009

Back to the seventies

I went to visit my parents, and came home with these two vintage volumes.

The sewing machine book on the left was published in 1980, so is the same vintage as my sewing machine. My granny bought it to go with a Jones sewing machine, which was a shared present for me and my mum. This machine has lived at my house since 1992.

My granny was a craftswoman of some skill. In my linen cupboard are a number of embroidered tablecloths, pillowcases and dressing table mats that she worked. My dad remembers cabled sweaters and the like being knitted for him as a boy. I don't recall wearing anything hand-made by her, but she taught me to knit.

The St Michael Book of Handicrafts dates from 1976. Looking at this book has brought back a lot of memories for me, even though I don't remember my mum actually making anything from it.
The fabric used for this tea cosy pattern is like my childhood curtains. It was Daisy Chain - my curtains were in pale green though. I see this fabric was sold in John Lewis: some things do not change much, as I also get lots of my fabric from there!

Also, this little girl modelling a knitted item is pictured with a wooden farm (bottom left of picture) exactly like the one I had in the 1970s. I wonder what happened to that...

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