Sunday, 16 August 2009

Crop rotation

One of the lovely things about the garden is the way it changes in response to the turning seasons. Now we're in late summer, yellow flowers keep coming on ds's pumpkin plant, and two tiny pumpkins are starting to form. Here's one of them:

On past experience, these will not be giant hallowe'en pumpkins - they were planted too late. More likely to be baked pumpkin - or maybe even pumpkin pie - than jack o'lanterns.

Most exciting of all, a baby corncob has appeared on his sweetcorn plant!

We had some space in our vegetable patch, caused by having pulled all the lettuces and most of the spring onions. Dh planted some turnip seeds in some of the gaps, and this weekend we went to the garden centre for young brussels sprouts and leek plants. I love the idea of home-grown brussels sprouts with our christmas dinner. Here's our raised vegetable bed with winter veggies added to it:

We've also lifted all the potatoes - I haven't had to buy any for weeks.

A small local exchange scheme is also happening in our street, as we gave our neighbours some of our glut of runner beans, and in return have received courgettes and a promise of cooking apples, when they are ready. Which means baked apples, apple pie and Dorset apple cake will be on the Autumn menu.


  1. oh, apple pie. yum yum!

    In reply to your question about customs - generally if I order from etsy I am safe. Email me if you need any help/have more qs though!

  2. Wow!

    We're absurdly excited about our two tomato plants growing on our balcony (and the single, green tomato there), I can't imagine the level of excitement and glee over a *whole garden* of yummy home grown veg.

  3. This is the first year we grew potatoes, onions, or sweetcorn, and we haven't planted leeks or brussels sprouts before either. The last couple of years, we've been growing runner beans, pumpkins (with very little success) and herbs. So I can assure you we are all very excited!

    I would think you could plant runner beans on a balcony, if you had a deep pot and somewhere to prop a couple of canes in support.