Monday, 14 September 2009

Counted Cross Stitch - What is it for?

I blogged previously about my unfinished projects, including this one:

I bought this as a kit a few years ago, tempted by my cousin, who had completed several very pretty cross-stitch designs. Only I found it rather unsatisfactory when I started. It was easy enough, but what is it for? I like my craft output to have function.

I did a bit of it, and then stopped. It sat in my sewing box for the next few years. Picked it up again earlier this year and worked quite a lot of it in the course of a week's sewing machine absence. Still find it unsatisfactory - I'm at a loss to know how I can use this heart sampler when complete, apart from framing it to hang on the wall (no, not really).

Card making? Far too much effort for something so ephemeral. Embellishment? yes, for a tray-cloth (if I were the sort of woman who did pretty trays), but that would mean starting with a bigger piece of Aida. Am I supposed to stitch it on top of something? And if so, what?

If anyone has any good ideas for what I can do with this piece, do let me know.

That way I might be inspired to actually finish it!

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  1. yes, I've never done cross stitch, although I have 2 friends who do beautiful work. I'm not sure where you can go with the hearts! A cushion, or is the fabric too stiff?