Saturday, 26 September 2009

In the mail

On Thursday this package arrived for me from Crocus. Inside are 40 spring bulbs - a mixture of lily-flowered tulips, grape hyacinths, and two types of daffodil.

Last year I introduced a herb garden; this summer our gardening attempts have focused mainly on veggies. Now I have a hankering for more spring flowers. I'm going to plant these in the spaces vacated by the runner beans and cornstalk.

I also have a vision of gooseberry, blackcurrant and raspberry plants along the right hand side of our garden. The fence there is due for replacement, so I'll wait until after that is done before making any soft fruit plant purchases.

On Friday the postman brought this bone china 4-cup teapot. I had a teapot just like this which dh and I bought when we first moved in together. Ten years ago, I dropped it on our quarry-tiled floor and it smashed to pieces. I've kept an eye out in charity shops and the like in the hope of eventually replacing it, but never seen another, so I was charmed to come across it on Ebay last week. The closing price was only 99p.

Thanks for the cross-stitch suggestions. I think a cushion could be a good solution, and I could perhaps make a patchwork border for it in coordinating colours. On my to-do list, so goodness knows when I'll do it!


  1. I love spring flowers. One day we will live in a house not a flat, and the whole garden will be a glorious riot of crocus and tulips and daffs every spring. And well done on the tea pot, it looks very nice:)

    Good luck with the cross stitch. I still have two (I think it's only 2) half finished ones somewhere and several mentally on my to-do list eventually.

  2. your going to be busy planting bulbs, but think of all the wonderfull spring colour!