Monday, 7 September 2009

Jam today

We have two apple trees in our garden. Although they are allegedly eating apples, we've found them more useful in cooking - once picked, they have a very short bowl-life:

These blackberries came from the local market:

I used the blackberries and a few apples to make jam using this recipe from Lakeland.

I'm lucky to have a traditional jam-pan - another item I inherited from my granny. I love making jam, although I don't do it often. Particularly I like the way the whole house fills up with the smell of simmering fruit, and the way not very much effort (cutting up some fruit, a bit of stirring, testing for set) results in beautiful ruby-coloured jars on the shelf.

The recipe had only five steps:

Soften the apples with a little water:

Stew the blackberries separately:

Pour the blackberry mixture in with the apples, add sugar and heat gently till dissolved:

Bring the mixture to a rolling boil for 25 minutes:

Test for set, and when ready, pour into sterilised jars. I sterilise my Le Parfait jars by heating them in the oven for 15 minutes, and scalding the seals with boiling water.

The recipe said there would be enough for 4x 2lb jars, but I found there was only enough jam to fill 3x 0.5L ones:

Home-made jam will not last long in our house!

If you want more blackberry recipe ideas, try looking here.


  1. yum. looking delicious, I'm sure it won't last long at all!

  2. Yum. My mum makes interesting jams, but they've only actually set since she bought a jam thermometer. Those look very nice.

  3. that reminds me of my youth a lot - my mum used to make jam (damson)which always tasted great. I must do it one of these days.....