Sunday, 22 November 2009

Homely Quilt

I finished off the little house mini-quilt from Sew Hip issue 8 yesterday.

Below you can see the lovely little house fabric better. I got this from Summersville on etsy. (As an aside, I see she also does a pack with this fabric print in turquoise, purple, black and snow - that would be a lovely alternative version.)

To be truthful, it's a little more mini- than I anticipated. If I make another, I will re-work all the measurements, as it seemed that the instructions had not factored in any seam allowances - I had to do a lot of trimming whilst piecing the quilt top. As well, the binding instructions were somewhat lacking, speaking as someone who had never bound a quilt round any corners before. Luckily I had Carolyn Forster's excellent instructions for mitred corners in issue 10 to refer to - that helped me fill in the gaps.

This is actually going to be a christmas present. Also, the cheerful red gingham I used for backing the quilt has given me an idea about festive napkins, if I can find some slightly heavier weight fabric.