Friday, 27 November 2009

On the needles

I'm pleased to report that my ruffle bag had the desired effect of prompting some knitting, even though I did not go to the knitting group, as to be honest the timing is not so good for me. At tea-time, I feel I am supposed to be at home feeding the kids, not sitting knitting in cafes, no matter how good the cake is!

Another spur to re-starting the knitting was being given a copy of this book:

I didn't buy it (as I'm sworn off new books for environmental reasons) - it was an early christmas present. I've looked through it, and now I long to knit the Battenberg Slice pattern.

However, I hate having more than three knitted UnFinished Objects on the needles at any one time (otherwise I just feel overwhelmed by the stress of UFOs...), so I have to finish something first.

The Apple Strudel seemed the easiest project to complete. Also, now it's turned cold, an aran-weight cardigan seems suddenly desirable. The body is done, so there are just the sleeves to finish, and then the button bands to pick up and knit. I've actually nearly finished the first sleeve this week, so I'm hopeful of finishing this quite soon*.

I also sped to John Lewis in my lunch hour and bought six reels of thread, including some in metallic silver. So I'm ready to do more work on my next sewing project - another planned christmas present. So far I've managed the princely sum of 1.5 completed hand-made gifts. Which is not untypical, but is still annoying.

*Footnote: My "quite soon", in a knitting context, equates roughly to other people's "in a few weeks".

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  1. The tea cosy book sounds great, battenburg slice sounds bright and cheerful.