Monday, 2 November 2009

Ruffle Bag

I made this bag over the weekend, using the Ra Ra Ruffle Bag pattern in Sew Hip issue 8. It's been on my to-sew list for a while, but as any regular reader of this blog will know, my productivity fell drastically over the summer.

This pattern is a good stash-buster, as it needs small amounts of different fabrics. Although I did buy a few extra half-metres of Tanya Whelan fabrics, from the Darla range, as I simply couldn't resist them.

Here's my cut-out fabrics ready to sew:

I found no errors in the pattern instructions, although I did do a couple of things differently.

Rather than hemming the top ruffle all the way round and sewing it on top of the front piece as instructed, I preferred to use a joining method. I cut the top ruffle 1/2 in wider than the others, and cut the front bag piece 1 in longer than stated. I hemmed the bottom and sides of all four ruffles, lined them up on the bag to my satisfaction and attached the bottom three on to the top of the front piece as per the instructions.

I then cut the front bag piece in two, 1/2 in above where I wanted the top ruffle to start when complete. I sandwiched the ruffle between the two front bag pieces and sewed a seam with a 1/2 in seam allowance. Here's how the pieces of fabric were laid out at the pinning stage - bottom of bag front, right side up, ruffle on top, also right side up, top of bag front, right side down:

I think the result looks neater than the magazine sample. A closer photo is below. If you want to try this, do check the ruffle is oriented correctly when it is still pinned. (On another occasion, I did not check, and inadvertantly attached a ruffle upside down!)

Another change I made was in the step order. I'm still a relative beginner when it comes to machine buttonholes. So I sewed the buttonhole into the tab piece before I assembled the bag - rather than after assembly as instructed. I figured if my buttonhole was inadequate, I could simply make another tab piece, and there would be no seam ripping involved.

I love my new bag, and intend to use it to tote my knitting to a group. Perhaps if I have my knitting in a prettier bag, I might actually do some!


  1. That's very nice. Good luck with the knitting intentions, but congratulations on the bag:)

  2. awesome fabric and color choice!!! LOve it! realy great pattern...