Saturday, 14 November 2009

Send a Smile Appeal

Ds and I did a little crafting together today. We made two gowns for this year's Blue Peter Send a Smile appeal.

It didn't take us long. We basically cut clean, outgrown T-shirts down the back, made some holes and threaded them with ribbon for ties:

Then ds decorated the fronts with smiling faces, using felt and fabric glue. Finally, I sewed black buttons on the eyes to be the pupils.

The completed gowns are to be sent to hospitals in India for use during cleft palate operations. Each gown provided through the appeal will save the Operation Smile organisation about £3, which is then freed up for other expenses, enabling more cleft palate repair operations to be carried out. There is a collection point in ds's school, so we'll drop these off on Monday morning.

I especially like this appeal because I appreciate being asked for practical help in the form of items for use, rather than being asked for money. For anyone else interested in making a few gowns, which are needed in all sizes and which do not have to be decorated if you are short of time, there are drop-off points in all UK branches of PC World, Curry's and Curry's Digital.

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  1. Interesting. Kathryn's not really old enough for Blue Peter yet so... we might look into that sounds cool.