Friday, 20 November 2009

Sweet treats

I came across this seasonal craft idea for making a candy wreath whilst browsing the web recently, and thought it was a lovely way to present candy at christmas.

My son was spellbound as he watched me make it. It really is very simple - all you need is an embroidery hoop (I bought one from a charity shop for 50p), some curling ribbon, a pair of scissors and a lot of wrapped sweets - they must be wrapped, because the technique involves wrapping curling ribbon round each wrapper end to secure the sweets to the hoop. The scissors are there to cut the sweets off when you feel like a treat!

Full instructions are here:

For this wreath, I used 750g of sweets - one pack each of fruit sherberts, toffees and chocolate eclairs - plus a few mini-candy canes and chocolate lollipops.

It was fun to make, but it seems a bit mean to have it in our house, because dd is not supposed to eat chewy caramels, toffee or hard candy owing to her orthodontic braces. So I plan to donate it to ds's school christmas fair. They have a sweet tombola and a raffle, so I daresay they will find a use for it. Ds is also in favour of that - he plans to buy a ticket to try and win it!

I have kept a few sweets and a couple of the chocolate lollies back, so my kids won't miss out altogether, in the event that ds fails to buy the winning ticket.


  1. You mentioned it not being as pretty as the original crafters, but I really like this too! It's just enough of the home/comfort/charm touch! Mine would turn out less than polished and I love it so am even more inspired to give it a try :). thanks.

  2. Love this! I saw Cindy's too, and I think your's is just as pretty! Would you come and put this post in my Vintage Pollyanna Tell Me Tuesday link party? I'd love to have you!

  3. Thanks for linking up!