Friday, 1 January 2010

Festive Round Up

I'm summing up after the festivities. We were away at my parents' house for Christmas itself, in a snowy winter wonderland, but I unfortunately forgot to take my camera so there are no pictures.

As a surprise, we had bought the kids a Wii as a joint present. This has had two unexpected benefits: firstly, they play on it together without arguing (fabulous!) and secondly, the Wii is set up in the dining room, so dh and I now have opportunities to sit on our sofa, drink wine and chat without the TV on. Aside from the Wii, dd has new clothes, Twilight flute music and Friends Scene-It, and ds has horrible science stuff, a marble run and a remote-controlled tarantula. And I have some lovely coffee cups:

They are Highland Stoneware, handpainted in Lochinver, Scotland. My parents bought them for me while on a camper van tour.

On the handmade front, I gave six hand-crafted items as gifts this year - more than I ever managed before. I made my own wrapping paper, and some snowglobes as decorations. Not to mention teachers' presents in the form of home-made biscuits. So altogether I do feel quite satisfied with my handmade gift efforts.

I'm less content with my attempts to buy handmade. I bought a bracelet for dd off etsy, but it is still not here. Perhaps I didn't shop early enough to allow for overseas shipping. Ten days left, otherwise it'll be a Paypal dispute.

I had to go to work between Christmas and new year and that brought a swift end to the holiday feeling. New Year's Eve was pretty quiet at our house - dh and dd stayed up to watch Jools Holland's Hootenanny, but I retired defeated before midnight.

I wish you all a Happy New Year; hope 2010 brings everything you are hoping for.

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  1. Happy New Year! J had to work too and it made Christmas seem very short, do hope your etsy purchase arrives.