Sunday, 6 December 2009

Zakka bunny pencil cases

Here's this weekend's sewing: two bunny zippered pouches from Therese Laskey's Zakka Sewing. According to the book, they are for pens or pencils, but I can see them being used to stash hair accessories, or perhaps for other essentials, who knows?

This was a thrifty project, as I already had all the required fabrics in my stash, and was able to use some small pieces.

These are not quite finished, as I'm not satisfied with my first attempt at a fabric tail. I'm going to try making a woollen pompom instead. Also, this was the first time I sewed a zippered pouch, and I had a lot of trouble getting the zip in correctly.

#1 is for dd, who declares she likes it, #2 is a christmas gift, which means I have now almost completed three presents. Already that is three times as many home-made gifts as I achieved last year - not bad at all, and there are still a couple of weeks left to go.
ETA: Both bunnies now have pompom tails and are complete.

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