Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bella's mittens

Anyone who has a teenage girl in the house can't have failed to notice the Twilight series. I've now added these hand-knitted mittens to dd's Bella-related stuff. Which includes the books by Stephenie Meyer, the DVD & soundtrack, and several movie posters - along with flute music for Bella's lullaby, a guide to dating vampires, and a necklace with an apple on it (although the significance of this eludes me, actually).

These mittens are like the ones featured in the first film (watch the scene where Edward stops the truck from squashing Bella). The pattern is available from Subliminal Rabbit. It's an easy knit, once you've identified the right size needles for your yarn (See my earlier post on the importance of gauge)! I used Rowan Cocoon and 6mm dpns.

It's still pretty cold here, with another temperature plunge forecast for Monday, so the mitts also have practical application this winter. Dd has already worn them to school, which indicates approval, i.e. she's not afraid for her friends to see this hand-knit by her mum.


  1. love them. oddly I am just on here printing out this very pattern!

  2. I love the mittens, although I havent seen the film or read the book. I have just been told by my teen that the apple appears on the book cover, she also loves the mits!

  3. My daughter is only 4, so I have managed to avoid the Twilight phenomena. The mittens though look lovely.

  4. They look great. I'm not into Twilght, but I'd happily wear them to keep my mitts warm!