Sunday, 28 February 2010

Choc Choc Cherry

I have a terrible weakness for dark chocolate with cherries:

so when I was searching for pink yarn, I couldn't resist this:

This colourway is called choc choc cherry! The yarn is bamboo-merino mix sock yarn from Easyknits.

I'm now about to knit something tiny and pink for my new niece, and I may accompany it with a little chocolate eating! Being careful not to melt any on the lovely new yarn, of course.


  1. Oh the yarn looks fabulous! I've given up chocolate for lent, but dark with cherries sounds great.

  2. oh I love cerries in choc too.
    Your yarn looks interesting. I've never considered sock yarn for a baby garment. I presume it's a 4 ply pattern, good idea.
    I have nearly finished my baby cardi which is in a variegated yarn and I'm pleased with it. It's not unlike your Gabriel's sweater. I will post when it's done.
    I have a Gabriel and he is an angel. Hope your friends is too!