Monday, 1 February 2010

Early signs

I looked out of the window on Friday and spotted a tiny patch of snowdrops under the apple trees at the bottom of our garden. Oh joy! the first sign that winter is on the way out. And how glad I am to say goodbye to January, which must be the worst month of the entire year (notwithstanding my birthday).

On Saturday morning, there was sunshine, blue skies and birdsong. It was still very cold - minus 1 according to my thermometer - but I didn't find it at all difficult to get up and out of the house in time for a 9 am swimming lesson. Later, I took a quick walk round the garden and spotted tiny green tips poking up through the earth - some of the 50 spring bulbs I planted last autumn.

In honour of the very first signs of Spring, I made this lemon cake:

This is another Nigella recipe - damp lemon and almond cake from How to be a domestic goddess. Nigella says to pack the cooled, finished cake in foil and leave it a couple of days to "mature"; some hope in our house, because everyone likes lemon-flavoured cake, and no-one will wait five minutes.

I woke up today to a really thick frost, so perhaps I was a little hasty with the lemons. Still hopeful, though, and at least the daylight lasts a little longer in February.

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  1. It was a hard frost, but with bright sun shining now and a blue sky we can wish for spring!