Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Gabriel's sweater

I would have posted this sooner, only my first attempt at this Ziggy Zag sweater was too short in the body. Luckily it is knitted top-down, on circular needles, so it was a relatively easy fix: insert lifeline before start of ribbing using tapestry needle, rip back to lifeline, knit an extra inch in stocking-stitch, repeat the 3-st twisted rib for 2 ins, cast off.

The error could have arisen in my gauge (although I did swatch, and it was dead on). The schematic shows the yoke for this size at 4.5 ins, when I measured it on my completed, too-short version, the yoke was only 3.5 ins. So 7 ins of stocking stitch, rather than the stated 6 ins, was necessary to end up with a sweater of the correct length.

Notwithstanding the re-knitting, I love the little baby sweater, and hope Gabriel (and Gabriel's mum) do too.

The pattern is by Carol Feller at stolenstitches.com. The zig-zags that give the pattern its name are in the yoke, shown in more definition below:

The yarn is babylonglegs sock yarn in jewel. I bought both pattern and yarn in a kit off Folksy. I have another complete skein of the yarn, so if the next addition to my extended family turns out to be a boy, I'm all prepared.

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  1. This has turned out so well :)
    Love it :D

    S xXx