Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Half Term Surprises

I've been dashing about in the past few days. As it's half-term week, I took ds North on a grandparents' visit, where we made a trip to the Castle Museum at York. Ds particularly appreciated the prison section - like most seven year old boys, he relishes the gruesome. We also enjoyed looking at the displays of antique and vintage toys. Some of them weren't that old, really, so I actually did remember them (Sindy dolls, anyone?). And ds was very interested to see a Nintendo Wii controller and DS console right at the end of a display of evolving electronic toys.

On the way back we took a detour to see my newborn niece, pictured below at one day old.

She came a few days earlier than anticipated. Her parents thought she would be a boy (not evidence-based, just a general feeling), so I was making a blue baby sweater; I'll have to get some pink yarn now :-)* She is very sweet, but I don't think I'd have the stamina for a tiny baby now - feeling my age slightly this week - I think my baby days are well and truly over!

Came home yesterday to discover dd had spent four hours on her mobile phone on Monday night, after using up all her inclusive minutes. So I have stashed her phone in my secret hidey-hole to prevent further bill increases. She is very annoyed, but not quite as annoyed as me.

*The blue sweater is about to be a gift to baby Gabriel, a friend's 3-month old, instead. Luckily I did not make the smallest size. Just got the second sleeve to finish, then I'll have another FO to show you here.


  1. I adore the castle museum but haven't been for a long time. Lucky Grandparents living near York. Look forward to seeing the baby knits. I too am baby knitting at the moment for a colleague. It is very gratifying to finish something in a "fairly" reasonable amount of time!

  2. I remember sindy dolls - in fact I still have one somewhere...

  3. Claire, how right you are about knitting timescales! Alongside the baby jumper, I'm trying to make some headway with a laceweight shawl I've had on the needles since last May *blushes*. At least I can be reasonably certain of being able to complete a baby item within a few weeks.

    Louiz, if your Sindy is the pre-Barbie-ised, wholesome-looking version from the 1970s or earlier, you could probably make some money on ebay, should you so wish!