Saturday, 6 February 2010

Yarn Reward

Dh has an eye infection and had to spend an evening in the opthalmic casualty unit having it checked out, so I had an unexpected trip to ds's ju-jitsu class yesterday. I thought this would be a good place to knit, since I had to wait a whole hour. But I discovered it would be better to knit something where I don't have to count, as I later had to rip out and re-start the Ziggyzag jumper .

It's lucky I'm working with such beautiful yarn, so I don't mind knitting twice! I bought it from babylonglegs. This colourway is called Jewel:

It knits up like this:

(That's my second attempt at the neck there)

I have enough to make two little sweaters, as the stork is on its way bringing several babies to my extended family.

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  1. The yarn looks lovely and sounds so soft too.