Sunday, 7 March 2010

Coursework Deadline Alert

I had hoped to finish my shawl this weekend, but instead, I was forced into the job of GCSE Art Textiles Coursework Deadline Assistant.

Note dd in above pic still wearing dressing gown at 3pm. She didn't even take time out to get dressed!

Obviously, I don't do dd's coursework for her, so my role was limited to sewing machine tech support, sewing advice, and general encouragement/motivation. I also made copious cups of tea.

To be honest the GCSE burden is starting to turn me into a nervous wreck, so goodness knows how 14 & 15 y.o's cope under the strain.

1 comment:

  1. Wait til she's revising (or not) for the exams with her i-pod in situ!
    I was convinced mine was doing nowt but she still managed 9A's and 1 B last year. I think you have to trust them.
    Good you both!