Saturday, 27 March 2010

End of term

Ds was very excited at school last week to be tackling a sewing project. This is only the second time he has sewn anything at school. Textiles does not seem to feature much in the UK primary curriculum.

Previously, in Foundation stage (age 5), he made a fabric picture of a ladybird, which now hangs in pride of place in our hallway. It was mostly cutting and gluing, with a few stitches. This time, the task was to make a felt glove-puppet. As the Easter holidays were about to start, ds sewed an Easter bunny:

Maybe the ears could have been a bit bigger, but look at the lovely neat stitching, especially considering ds is only seven and still in the infants' class!

I'm pleased ds had such a positive reaction to sewing, and also he did not dismiss it as "just for girls". As I have unfortunately heard some little boys do.

Ds has a very wide range of interests. He is planning a trip with his dad to the British Museum in the Easter holidays, to look at the Saxon hoard. Also, he just got his ju-jitsu red belt. Here he is demonstrating one of his moves:

We're very lucky to have him around!


  1. Kathryn has made a little fabric bag, but she did that at afterschool club. Other than that, she's two terms into infant reception class and has done no textiles.

  2. He looks like a superhero! His puppet is lovely.
    It is such a shame they hardly sew at school. I remember making a pillowcase, basic skirt and blouse. My sewing teacher was called Mrs Owen, yep sewing owen was her nickname.I also have a cross stitched tablemat which I made in primary school and found amongst my mums things after she died 2 years ago. I may show it on my blog actually.
    I believe knitting is on the curriculum in Scotland though. Otherwise it is woeful.
    Claire xx