Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The joy of Finished Objects

I've had a super-productive year in knitting so far, with four items completed by the end of February - as many FOs as I managed in the whole of 2009, so it really is quite magnificent progress. I just hope I can keep up the pace.

I've actually started knitting my Regatta shawl again too, and worked round the first corner of the border. I've been spurred on by belonging to a Ravelry group which this month, is encouraging the completion of a long term WIP. Not sure I'll actually achieve that by the end of March, but I'll have a go.

I get most of my knitting chat fix on Rav, and on various blogs, but it's nice to meet a knitter in real life occasionally. So I went to knitting group this week. There was only one other person there, but it was good to see someone else's knitting (lovely fingerless gloves using Manos del Uruguay).

The downside of all this knitting activity is, I haven't sewed a thing since December. Sew Hip issues 13 and 14 did not have any patterns that appealed to me, although they have tempted me horribly on the new fabric front. I did idly look in the newsagent at the sewing magazine titles recently, and was pleased to see Sew mag has listened to my complaints and is no longer for sale in a sealed plastic bag. But when I flicked through this month's copy, I put it back again, as there was nothing in it that looked worth making.


  1. Wow, you knit really fast, I am still knitting a cardigan started in January - admittedly not knitting every day.

  2. I don't think of myself as a fast knitter at all. All four so-far completed projects were pretty small (1 pair mitts, 1 baby sweater, 1 tea cosy, 1 baby hat). I'd say I was a slow knitter, actually! My Regatta shawl has been on the needles since last May and only about two thirds complete. It also took me ten months to finish my adult cardigan last year.

  3. I think a bit of peer support helps. A few years ago I used to subscribe to the Rowan magazine through Rowan international. Membership entitled access to a forum. I loved it at the time (a bit before blogs really took off) and I was much more productive when writing about my knitting and following what others were doing too. I'm hoping having my own blog will spur me on a bit to show finished items too. However, I may have to resort to showing things already knit and worn!