Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Regatta Finish

I've finally finished my Regatta stole! *cries with happiness*
Yes, a mere ten months and 800m of laceweight yarn later, at last it's a Finished Object. This also means I've achieved one of this year's resolutions - to finish at least one of the four items sitting on my "languishing" list as of 1 Jan.

Here is the FO:

Here's a closer shot of the lace pattern:

The red towel is not the best background to a pink shawl, but I took that photograph whilst it was blocking. Quite a lot of dye ran when I washed it and I didn't want to trash one of my white ones.

The pattern was originally published in Yarn Forward magazine issue 11, and is now for sale as a ravelry download (Ravelry log-in required). I used just over a skein of Supreme Lace yarn by Yarnaddictanni - a mix of 30% mulberry silk and 70% merino wool.

This was the first lace pattern I ever attempted and to be honest I found it hard, but I think that was my inexperience of working lace rather than the pattern itself, which was well written and included simple-to-follow charts. I found no pattern errors but in my opinion, it would have benefited from a more explicit instruction that it was in garter stitch.

Things I liked about this project:
  • The finished item. I love it! I never wore, or even owned, a knitted lace item before. I chose the yarn colour to go with a dress, and I expect to have at least two opportunities to wear it this summer - weather permitting.
  • The forgiving nature of lace, which means the many errors I made in it seemed to become less noticeable with blocking.
Things I learned from this project:
  • The value of using a lifeline in a complex lace pattern. I did not learn this until half-way through the border, but after that, was able to correct mistakes relatively easily - whereas before, my efforts to undo rows only introduced more errors, as it was too hard to identify and pick up the yarnovers. If I ever do another lace project, I'll make sure I put a lifeline at the start of every repeat, moving it up each time I successfully complete one.
  • How to wind a skein into a ball using two dining chairs. If only I'd known this before I tried to wind the first skein, and ended up with 724m of laceweight yarn tangled on my dining room table! It took me and dh the best part of three days to untangle it. Afterwards, I had good advice from Ravelry members and since then, I've found ball-winding quite simple.
Things I really didn't like about this project:

  • Making all the errors. You would think someone with years of knitting experience could knit a few lace rows with no mistakes [sigh].
  • My son heard a couple of bad words in the process, but he knows I was very naughty to say those words and I don't usually say them!
I think I'll steer clear of lace for a while now, to allow me to fully recover from the Regatta experience. But I would not rule it out in the future. After all, I have the best part of a skein of Supreme lace now in my stash.


  1. What a beautiful stole, an amzing amount of yearn too 800m!

  2. Congratulations - that looks lovely

  3. It is very impressive. Well done, I think I would have lost the will to live. I actually finished an aran type sweater for my husband last year that I started 7 years previously! I may post about that one actually.
    Claire x