Sunday, 21 March 2010

Retro apron

This weekend, I sewed this retro apron. The pattern was the Pocket Apron in Sew Hip issue 15. I used fabrics from the new Amy Butler "Love" range.

I found no errors in the instructions, except I feel the waist ties are rather long at 115 cms (45 ins) each. I know long ties are helpful, in case the wearer wants to wrap the ties right round and tie them at the front (as worn in the photo above), but if I made this pattern again, I would cut the waist tie pieces 1 metre (39 ins) long at the most.

The stated yardage requirement was 2 yards (1.8m) of main fabric and 1.5 yards (1.4m) of contrast. But I found I had a lot of fabric left, so you probably don't need to buy as much fabric as this. Based on what I actually used, I suggest you actually need 1 metre of fabric for the front and pocket, and 140 cms max of fabric for the back and ties.

For the front, I cut the apron front and two pocket pieces out in 100 cms (39 ins) of Paradise Garden. For the other pieces, I actually used 115 cms (45 ins) of non-directional Sunspots fabric, but that was with 115 cms waist ties. If I was making the pattern again, I'd cut the waist ties only 100 cm long so would only need 1 metre of fabric, if it was a non-directional print. If it was a directional print, and all pieces had to be cut on the horizontal, I calculate you would actually need 140 cms.

I found the most efficient way to cut the pieces out on a non-directional print was like this (not to scale, and please excuse my attempt at a graphic; I have no training in this area!):

The apron is a birthday present for someone who had better be nameless, just in case she's reading this.


  1. This is gorgeous. It is so vibrant, doing the housework in this would be a pleasure. Me and one of my sisters have a thing about posh pinnies. We like Laura Ashley's best but I can see we will have to start making our own. I like mine a tad longer so I can wipe little boys dirty faces with them! Your completed 2010 list is impressive. Mine is woeful I am afraid.
    Claire x

  2. Great apron, the fabric is wonderfully bright and cheerful.

  3. So glad you gave it go - it looks great!