Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter tree

Every year, we decorate the two apple trees at the bottom of our garden with colourful easter eggs.

I imported these plastic eggs after spending an Easter in Germany a few years ago. They have been admired by many visitors to our home, so I'm slowly helping spread the custom to England. (We do also have easter decorations indoors, and a china jar full of little chocolate eggs.)

It's easy to find indoor easter decorations in the UK, but the outdoor versions are impossible to find in my experience. If you want to buy plastic eggs to decorate your own garden in the future, try searching for "ostereier" or "kunstoffeier" on ebay, with the international option turned on, and import some from Germany. I've sourced packets of plastic eggs for various friends and relations on there, for very little outlay.

A happy Easter to all my readers!

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