Sunday, 18 April 2010

In bloom

Our apple trees have tiny blossoms now (top right, above), and the japonica (bottom left, above) has finally flowered, terribly late this year owing to the prolonged cold weather in February and March.

The bulbs I planted last Autumn have come up (top left and bottom right above). They are very pretty, even though some of the daffodil flowers have been eaten!

I looked on the internet and it seems earwigs may be the culprit (deduced since the whole flower is not gone, and we don't have chipmunks in the wild in the UK.)

Our fence replacement was done at the start of the month, so I can now plant my soft fruit whenever I like - not expecting any crop this summer, though. I've started with this gooseberry bush:

Dh is going to dig a hole and plant that for me, as deep-hole digging is not my strong point.


  1. It looks very healthy so you never know. Mine (£1.49 from Lidl) is romping on. I will be disappointed if there is no fruit.
    Claire x

  2. Dh planted it for me last weekend, and I took a careful look at it yesterday, and there are indeed tiny fruits forming. What a surprise! I hope there's enough for at least one lot of gooseberry fool :-)