Friday, 16 April 2010

Resolutions progress

When I posted about my resolutions back in January, I said I would review progress towards the objectives in April. Since we're now in the middle of April, here is a quick update:
  1. Do more knitting / complete more FOs in 2010 (baseline: 4 completed items in 2009): Two items completed in January - Bella's mitts for dd and a second battenberg tea cosy. Two more done in February - Ziggy zag baby jumper for Gabriel, pink ruffle hat for new niece. In March I cast on for a baby cardigan, also intended for new niece (almost finished - just got collar to work), and worked more of my shawl, which brings me nicely to resolution no 2.
  2. Complete at least one item out of 4 on languishing list: finished Regatta Shawl in March, aided by a Ravelry group I belong to which set a task to complete a WIP.
  3. Learn a new skill: had a introductory crochet book for my birthday in January. So far I've only studied the diagrams, but I have a 4.5mm hook and intend to have a go in due course.
Regarding my employment situation, someone else has volunteered for redundancy, so it looks like my job is reasonably safe, at least for the next foreseeable future. I'm not betting on the longer term, though, as I work in the public sector, and everyone knows that'll be due for cuts in the UK next year, whoever wins the election. In the meantime, I'll just carry on hoping for the best.


  1. A great idea to review your resolution. As for the Election I am working my way through the libraries audio books while I sew. Much more restful!

  2. Hi Kay
    Somehow I missed this post last week. Anyhow, well done on your achievements so far, much better than mine. I had some vague resolutions floating around in my head but never actually made them concrete.
    On the crochet front, I find ATTIC24 (Lucy's) blog excellent. She has brilliant tutorials with excellent pics and explanations and also lots of lovely simple things to try. Alternatively I love erika Knight's book Simple Crochet, some really simple funky stuff. I made a string bag with pink nylon parcel string and I love it. Sorry if I've told you all that before cos I have told someone but can't remeber who!
    Claire x