Sunday, 2 May 2010

Barbecue apron

In a very rare event, I sewed something for dh yesterday:

Dh wanted a cheerful apron for the barbecue season. I made this one out of IKEA fabric with billy goats, pine trees, chalets and snow-topped peaks. The ties and neckstrap are made out of leftover skull-and-crossbones fabric from ds's pirates shorts. I didn't work from a pattern as such, but used an old apron as a template, plus some measurements taken direct from dh.

This apron is longer than I would have chosen, but dh asked for it to be this length. Presumably he is thinking of potential for knees to get burned. Dear life... I'd better get a bucket of water ready before we light the barbecue.


  1. Very nice apron... but given the pouring rain at the moment you may be safe from barbecues for some time!

  2. Give that man a scrubbing brush!
    Very smart.
    Claire x