Saturday, 8 May 2010

Forward Plan

Not much crafting to report this week. My new enhanced job has new enhanced hours, so I was in the office for longer, and working at home also using my new enhanced remote log-in access.

I have however been amassing fabric, in preparation for tackling my first ever full-size quilt. I'm collecting green and brown fabrics, including some from the Verna range by Kate Spain for Moda. To the right in the above photo is a layer cake, which took rather longer than I anticipated in transit from the US (possibly owing to the volcanic ash cloud, which closed UK airspace for a while recently?). But actually, that's not such a bad thing, because the materials for this quilt add up to such a lot of outlay, I'm having to stagger the purchases (notwithstanding my new enhanced salary!)

Queen-sized cotton batting and 4 m of backing fabric required next.

I'm guessing it may also take me quite a long time to put the quilt together, so perhaps I'll post work in progress rather than waiting till I've got an FO to show you.


  1. I'll watch your progress with interest.

  2. yes, full sized quilts can be expensive. I have had to buy my fabric in installments!

  3. Lovely colour choice as usual!
    How are you going to do it? Square blocks or something fancy?
    Claire x