Saturday, 19 June 2010

Chocolate Socks

I've mostly been working this week, in the office five days. But in the evenings, I've been working away at my chocolate socks.

This was my first pair of knitted socks. Now I've had these socks on my feet, I can see why there's all the fuss about hand-knitted socks. They feel about a million percent more comfy than your ordinary, shop-bought socks.

The pattern is available at Before starting, I was startled by the instruction to drop yarnovers - I've dropped plenty in my time, but not usually on purpose! However, I soon understood that the yarnovers were only there to elongate the subsequent stitches, to allow for a 180-degree twist when those stitches were cabled. (Just re-reading that there, I think to the non-knitter it must appear like another language)

I also want to credit the v. helpful designer who helped me out with another question on Ravelry. Thanks, Bianca!

Finally a word about the lovely yarn recommended for this pattern, which is Schoppel-wolle Zauberball in shade Chocolate-Creme:

It was dyed in long repeats of various shades of brown and cream, and was gorgeous to knit with. I'm sorely tempted now by the blackberry colourway, I might have to invest in a couple of balls to add to my yarn stash.

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  1. The socks look fabulous!

  2. Your socks are awesome! I love them. I want to knit a pair of socks this summer. I have one knit sock completed from something like a year ago, but it's a boring sock and I've never completed the pair :-(