Friday, 11 June 2010

Cut-and-Stick Space

For fourteen years, the smallest bedroom in our house had yellow walls and an ABC border. The original pink flowered curtains were replaced with yellow ones with a Humpty Dumpty print when ds came along, and ds was perfectly happy with this until he was six, when he asked for a room makeover. So we removed the border, painted the walls pale blue, replaced the Humpty Dumpties with blue checks, and installed new posters to reflect ds's current interests (outer space, dinosaurs).

Ds has a little table he uses for cutting and sticking. We also made a small improvement here.



The little metal rail with hanging pots came from the IKEA kitchen range and holds glue, pencils and other crafty stuff to hand. It's a great crafts solution, as it leaves more room for working on the little table, helps keep everything in order, and ensures ds can actually find his scissors when he needs them.

If only I had a craft room, or even a permanent craft corner, I'd install a similar rail there for my scissors...


  1. That's such a good idea! Do you mind if I pinch it?:)

  2. Be my guest! Is it for you to be able to find your scissors, or for your daughter's craft space?? :-)

  3. Oh wow - if only I lived within 100 miles on an Ikea! Actually, I think they have a website now, right? Will have to check that out because it's utterly fabulous. My son's 'making box' - which is actually an enormous basket - it so over-flowing that perhaps he needs his own corner now. Hmmmm ....