Sunday, 27 June 2010

First steps in crochet

Until recently my experience of crochet consisted only of provisional cast-on. But I've now taken my first, tentative proper crochet steps.

I had a beginner's crochet book for my birthday back in January and last week I opened it and looked at chains. I knit with the yarn in my right hand, in the Yorkshire method, as instructed by my granny in Barnsley 30+ years ago. So holding the yarn in my left hand was pretty wierd. When I'd got the hang of it, I used the crochet chain method to edge a knitted washcloth.

(Do excuse the rather bright colour palette. I was using up some old cotton dk scraps.)

The edging is not perfectly neat, but I think it's not so bad for a beginner.

But really I'd like to be able to do this (Sewing Daisies' vivid dreams blanket - work in progress). Or this (Attic24's neat ripple blanket pattern). 

I can see I still have some way to go. 

Updates will no doubt follow in due course. I hope.

ETA: I made another on Sunday afternoon, and the edging seems to be improving:


  1. I love your dishcloth - I'm learning to crochet too and I'd love to have a go at this pattern
    Can you tell me where the pattern came from??

  2. The pattern was in Yarn Forward magazine no. 26 - the Little Petals washcloth. The washcloth itself is knitted - it's only the edging that is crochet.

  3. Attic24's ripple pattern is next on my list (if I ever finish the hexagon throw I started making. Should have picked something smaller for my first attempt methinks!) Love that vivid dreams throw too.

    Good luck with the crochet. I confess I restorted to youtube vidoes in the end - although Attic24's tutorials are really good too :)

  4. WOW! those dish cloths are amazing, the crochet edging really helps to finish the look.....I would love to be able to knit.

    (Thanks very much for the mention!!)


  5. Really like those dishcloths.