Thursday, 24 June 2010

June harvest

Remember the gooseberry bush we planted in April? I didn't think it would fruit this year, but it has produced a little bit! And there is still some left on the bush to pick.

If I can get to 1lb of gooseberries, or if I can supplement with some from the greengrocer, I might make a gooseberry and creme fraiche tart (see also Delia Smith's How to Cook Book 3)

The gooseberry bush is only a baby, so I wasn't expecting much of it. Other areas of our garden are cropping rather more spectacularly:

There's ds with the results of two early potato plants. I can see I'm entering into leave-potatoes-off-the-shopping list territory again.


  1. Mmm, I love gooseberries. My mum makes a mean gooseberry fool (about 90% whipped cream, 10% gooseberries, I think). Enjoy them and your lovely looking potatoes.

  2. well done. We have a grand total of 1 gooseberry on a planted this spring bush so you are streets ahead!
    Red spuds are my favourites.
    Can't wait to taste my own (not red unfortunately)
    Claire x