Monday, 21 June 2010

Patchwork progress

A month ago, having cut out 144 5-inch squares, I foolishly announced my intention on teh Internets to sew patchwork blocks the following weekend.

Ha ha ha. That'll teach me to set short-term goals in public! But seriously, yesterday I finally managed to pin and sew some of the blocks.

There are 16 9-patch blocks in the quilt top and so far, I've completed 12. The last four are partly sewn (left in picture), so I think I've made pretty good progress. After I've sewn the 9-patch blocks, I have to cut them up again. I've done this for 8 of the 16 blocks (on right in picture):

I'm not entirely happy with my patchwork sewing. I measured and cut with a patchwork ruler and rotary cutter, but even so, not all my pieces line up perfectly. I guess I'll be going for the homespun look here! 

I was spurred on to do this sewing by my sister-in-law, who gave me this new sewing box, for no particular reason other than she was in the Cath Kidston shop and thought I would like it.

Like it? I love it!


  1. Wow, what a nice reason to get a present:)

  2. Fantastic sewing box...

    Once all the cutting is done the rest is really easy; I can't wait to see your finished quilt :-)


  3. Crikey - can I have a sister-in-law like that please?! Loving the colours of your patchwork - btw, I have never made any patchwork that actually lines up completely yet. You learn to nip and tup here and there and it all comes right in the end!!

  4. I lurve Cath Kidston!! Check out my new CK fabric here:
    You are a lucky girl!!