Sunday, 13 June 2010

Patio progress

Dh and I have lived in our current home a long time - almost sixteen years. In all that time, we've never done any "hard" landscaping in the garden until this year - although we've done lots of "soft" landscaping, in the form of planting shrubs - most of the early ones died, I've got to say. My gardening skills are still at the developing stage.

Anyway, this year we've changed the habits of a decade. First we had the fence replaced, and now we're installing* a patio to replace the ageing tarmac behind our house. The new paved area will be roughly double the old tarmac part - we're encroaching a little on the lawn.

This is work in progress, this weekend.

To be completely truthful, even this building site effect looks a lot better than the patch of weed and moss-covered tarmac that was there before!

*The word "installed" does not mean that either dh or I have personally been wielding cement and trowel, etc. My domestic skills do not tend in this direction, and nor do dh's, if the truth is told!

1 comment:

  1. it is a really pleasing shape. will you finish it before the end of summer?